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Filter Air | Filter Air Sumur Bor Alami | FERRO FILTER

Welcome at Ferro Filter Home


We have created for you, a new breakthrough in the  water purification world particularly bore hole water treatment, Ferro FILTER ™ that had been through research for many years so it can be trusted to handle the problem with your bore hole water or with your old water filter.

Ferro Filter found by Mr. Sofyan Badrun, an academician and practitioner in the field of water treatment and water distribution network, is using natural methods that  environment friendly, capable of reducing substances iron, manganese and ammonia contained in the bore hole water.




Ferro Filter For Residential Complex

Constructions of housing complex that are growing rapidly in the city area, also in the expansion of the city area and outside the city. Housing complex, ofcourse needs clean water / drinking water facilities. However, the limited supply by local water supply company(PDAM)made of numbers of housing complex could not be served, particularly residential complex located in the area of expansion or outside the city. Expectingof the clean water supply from river source nearby housing complex  by constructing water treatment plant(WTP) will be not efficient consider the cost is very large and not suitable for a limited number of houses.


Bore hole water may used as a source of clean water / drinking water, but  unfortunatelly, bore hole water usualy containing of iron, manganese and ammonia in ion forms so that we always found the bore hole  water transforms from clear into into turbid and smelly after a few hours. Therefore, the water must be treated first to obtain the standard quality, they are absolutely clear, clean and odorless and it could be acceptable used as clean water / potable water.


Ferro Filter Mobile Unit

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Untuk membantu anda menunjukan rasa solidaritas terhadap sesama,  kami merancang Ferro Filter Mobile  khusus untuk digunakan dilokasi bencana. Dengan Ferro Filter Mobile ini diharapkan dapat menjangkau lokasi-lokasi bencana yang sulit air, sehingga mampu membantu pengadaan air bersih di daerah bencana yang kesulitan air bersih. 


Basic Ferro Filter

If w eobserve closely the process of binding of ions of iron, manganese and ammonia by using FERROFILTER™, the basic process of water filtration using filter Ferro™as shownin the picture below:

Mixing between air with water clearly visible after the water flow out of the oxidator tubes. Iron, manganese and ammonia is oxidized into ironoxide, manganeseoxide and ammonia and CO2 gas. Ironoxide and manganeseoxide will be caught on the filter media while the gases is wasted to the atmosphere.